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Reading is their Superpower - Costume Ideas for Teachers!

Book Week is fast approaching and as a busy teacher, you may not have had time to plan your costume. For many teachers, Book Week can be very hit-and-miss, as they struggle to cobble together an acceptable costume that fits with the year's theme. Luckily, Party Savers has all your costume needs sorted so you can look just as awesome as your students do during Book Week!

If you're not too keen on putting together an elaborate costume or 'look' for Book Week, then why not consider a simple cape? Every superhero needs a cape (where would Superman have been without his?) so show off your superpowers with our range of capes

In terms of your students knowing who you are, it's probably not practical to walk around all day carrying a book around so you can explain your character, so why not dress up as the instantly-recognisable Dorothy, Friar Tuck, Little Red Riding Hood or Mary Poppins? Your students will get a kick out of your costume, and know exactly who you are! 

However, if you're someone who always prefers comfort over costumes with fussy props, then Party Savers' rabbit costume is just for you! Super warm and comfortable, for those cold winter mornings! 

Tell your colleagues and students that writing is your superpower, and go as Zelda Fitzgerald with Party Savers' Charleston Honey costume! The cute flapper dress is the epitome of the roaring 20s, and what better excuse than Book Week to teach your kids a little bit about Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald? 

Of course, if we're talking magical powers and reading, you can't beat the quintessential Harry Potter costume. Whether you're a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, Party Savers has the best costume and props for you! Wear the Sorting Hat to school for a fun and simple costume that your students will adore. Twinned with a Deluxe Robe and a Wand, your costume is sure to be the coolest one in the teacher's lounge! 

Party Savers has all your Book Week costume needs sorted, no matter who or what you want to dress up as! Unleash your creativity and visit us online or in store, located in Chatswood. 

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