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Gender reveal party ideas!

The simple question of, "is it a boy or a girl?" is no longer simply answered. Now, expectant parents are opting to announce or reveal the answer, and there are plenty of ways to do that. Whether you're searching for classic gender reveal parties with elegant decor, or themed gender reveal party ideas, Party Savers has got you covered with our extensive range of party supplies! Read on for more ideas and inspiration for your gender reveal party...

Hogwarts gender reveal party

For the Potterheads among us who want to get their kids started early on the books, why not host a Hogwarts-themed gender reveal party? For a fun and dramatic twist, you could have the Sorting Hat 'reveal' the gender of the baby by placing a small note beneath it (with the gender written on the note), to be lifted up to reveal the Sorting Hat's decision. 

Simply smashing

For a more classic gender reveal party with a twist, host a gender reveal brunch with a piñata that explodes with pink or blue confetti to reveal the baby's gender? Pink and blue cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries dipped in blue and pink dyed white chocolate, or devilled eggs with pink and blue dyed filling are all festive snacks to serve over brunch, and what better way to involve your guests than to have everyone take a whack at a piñata to reveal your baby's gender? 

Moustaches or lipsticks

Another simple idea for your gender reveal party, 'moustaches or lipsticks' is easy enough to execute and decorate. A fun way to get your guests involved is to have moustaches and lipsticks set up on a table by the entrance to your party, so each guest your guests can pop one on and be part of the decorations, too. This also works well for the bows or bowties theme. 

What will it bee?

A classic gender reveal party theme, 'What will it bee?' is the perfect theme to carry over to the 'Mum to bee' baby shower! An incredibly versatile theme, it can also be reused for your baby's first 'bee-day', too! This theme wouldn't be complete without appropriate decor, and Party Savers has you covered with a full range of 'What will it bee'-themed gender reveal decorations, found here!

A wrinkle in time...

Once your baby's gender has been revealed, ask your guests to write down their hopes, predictions and advice for your baby (and for the new mum!), then seal the notes in a box. This makes for a heartwarming gift for your child's first birthday, and acts as a lovely memento or time capsule, full of kind messages from your family and friends. 

So keep the merriment going, and visit the Party Savers website to help you plan the best gender reveal party ever! 

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