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How to Throw A Burlesque Hens Cocktail Party

How to Throw A Burlesque Hens Cocktail Party

Burlesque is a theme that promises a magical night to remember. It’s a night where women can tap into their feminine essence and feel like a woman again. With glitzy costumes, sultry make-up and long gloves, burlesque is the epitome of vintage glamour.  Here’s your guide to throwing a burlesque-themed party.



A Burlesque Hen’s party is enjoyable for everyone, not just the Hen! It’s a theme to unleash the inner minx in all of you and a couple of home- made cocktails will certainly help! Consider hiring a bar attendant to shake, stir and mix those delicious liquid treats for the girls. Check out this flirtatious range of champagne and cocktail glasses



Canapés are not only tasty but also an effective strategy for maintaining the endurance this evening is sure to demand. Depending on your time and finances you may like to prepare your own or organise catering. Either way, your cocktail bartender come waiter can certainly help to ensure the Hen is preparing for a night of endurance by ‘feeding her’ those tasty little delights if need be. Your guests will be doing a lot of dancing so make sure to have hors d’oeuvres that are ready grab and eat in between dance breaks. Some ideas are

  • Tomato and Bocconcini skewers
  • Sushi rolls
  • Bruschetta on French baguette
  • Melon and prosciutto
  • Mini sandwiches – try cucumber and watercress



Whether you have hired an apartment or decorated your own place, make the most of the burlesque inspired theme, glam up the Hen’s space and add some chic flair. Some ideas to get you started are to drape vintage looking globe string lights around mirrors to give it that “burlesque backstage”.  Also try replacing your regular light bulbs for red bulbs and watch the room go to va-va-voom instantly. And for a touch of glamour hang up gold string curtains over doorways for grand burlesque entrances! Take a look at these accessories to add extra dazzle for a party that really shines



To really set the tone and mood for the night play some burlesque tunes. The Moulin Rouge soundtrack is a good place to start but you could also prepare your own play list in advance for a truly inspired collection of tunes, remember ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.’

Before you head out on the town to show off your steamy moves make the most of your ‘private’ time to practice your moves and get your groove on. This is the time to refine your shimmying and shaking in full costume to really kick start your evening. Now is the perfect time for final costume touches and to make sure the hen is really sparkling.  Try dusting the Hen in this edible glitter for all that glitters and shines

Bride to be accessories


Before you head out the door remember to crown the sassy bride to be with her tiara for the evening and capture how saucy you all look with a few ‘selfies’ you may even allow your ‘bar tender’ to pose with you all for a pic or two. Choose from some of these tiaras for your bride

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