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Tips for hosting an awesome bachelorette party

It's your closest friend's last fling before the ring, and you've been tasked with planning the perfect bachelorette party. While it may be nerve-wracking to host the perfect party, stress less - Party Savers has you covered with all sorts of neat tips and tricks to help you plan an epic bachelorette party.

Start from square one

The most important thing is to ensure that you and the bride are on the same page about exactly what kind of bachelorette party you want. It's important to remember that the bride's needs and wants are all that matters - while some want to know every detail about their party, other brides will gladly hand over the reigns and let their friends and family orchestrate the perfect party.

Throughout your planning process, consider the following: what are the bride's favourite ways to unwind? Is wearing a sash and crown all weekend something the bride would like, or something they'd hate? For example, don't plan a day full of back-to-back activities if you know the bride would prefer to sit by the pool, relax and have a few drinks with her mates. If the bride is more inclined to the latter, consider providing each guest with a willie water gun upon arrival at the pool for much mischief after a few cocktails! 

Timing is key

There's no rule that says the bachelor/bachelorette has to happen the night before the big day. Throwing the bachelorette party roughly a month before the wedding is a good timeframe - it's not too close to the wedding, so the bride won't be too busy or stressed to enjoy herself, and it's not so far away as to seem anticlimactic. 

Gather some support

As the party planner, guests will turn to you for answers and for what's next. Organisation will make the challenge 100% easier, so make sure all reservations and preparations are made well in advance of the big day/night. This ensures that you're also able to enjoy the party without stressing too much about minor details. 

If you're also the Maid of Honour, then it's okay to ask the rest of the bridal party for help with planning the party! More often than not, members of the bridal party will want to help out as much as possible to make sure everyone has a good time at the party, so why not recruit some members of the bridal party to take care of the decorations, some to manage the venue, some to manage the food and drinks, and so on. 

Send printed invites...

... Way ahead of time. Since everyone has busy schedules with weekends filling up fast, it's a good idea to send out invites well ahead of time, before following-up with save the dates a bit closer to the party. 


Keep it special and think about the little details that could make the party feel special to the bride. If the bride prefers to go all-out with a raucous night out, why not hand each guest a bachelorette shot glass bead necklace as they arrive? A round of shots is the best way to kick off any bachelorette party! Keep with the theme and go crazy. Check out the full range of Party Savers bachelorette party decorations by clicking here

Play games

It's a good idea to go over the guest list for the bachelorette party with the bride well ahead of the party. Ensure you only invite guests who are also invited to the wedding, and as a rule of thumb, invite any sisters/close female friends of the groom, too. In this instance, if the guests don't know each other very well, playing games can be as effective an ice breaker as a round of shots! 

Host a bachelorette scavenger hunt, or a round of mini willie bowling (just as fun as it sounds when you're several drinks into the night!), or to really bring people together... A bachelorette scratch-out dare game

Party Savers has you covered, whatever your vision for the perfect bachelorette party! For more information, supplies, or party-planning tips, visit us in store in Chatswood, or online

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