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In any party, banners and signs are essentials!

When decorating a room, your décor must be expansive. It must be present in all dimensions of the party room. You need décor in “all 4 corners” of your party spot. Your décor must also be symmetrical. You can’t just fill a party room with balloons and expect it to look nice. You must plan where the decoration goes, and the different types you’ll use. Banners and signs play an important role in setting up décor.

Banners are hung between 2 walls, acting as large post signs to define the party theme. It could be anything from a happy birthday banner, to a congratulations one. Signs act as exotic substitutes to balloons.

If you need signs or banners, we recommend you head to Party Savers. There, you’ll find a diversity of banners and signs to choose from.

Banners & Signs

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