Party Savers

Why not throw a Pokémon party? Any good party hosts a variety of aesthetics, and Pokémon seems like a fitting theme.

Not only do you have a variety of décor to hang around, but you can also vary costumes. You can dress as any character or Pokémon you wish, where you have 100s of options! Pokémon parties work best for children and teens through. If you’re trying to throw a party for your child, why not go for a Pokémon theme?

Your kid may highly appreciate it. In fact, they may be Pokémon fans themselves. They could be fans of the show, or fans of the game. Regardless, you can create an opportunity for many activities centered on the game! The opportunities are endless. Of course, the variety may confuse the average party planner. Thus, we’ll give you a few ideas on adjustments you can make for a perfect Pokémon party! The idea will center on a Pikachu party theme.

After all, who doesn’t appreciate the cuteness of Pikachu?

1. Pokémon Cakes. You can get a Pokémon cupcakes with the face of many Pokémon. Excellent examples include Pikachu cupcake icing!

2. Accessories. You can get paper hats and blowouts for your kids. If you’re playing Pokémon games during the party, you can use the blowouts for game wins. You can use the hats as crows for winners too!

3. Balloons. No party is complete without yellow balloons. Balloons fill the aerial space of the entire room, immersing you into the party! With yellow balloons, a Pikachu party is truly alive!

Pokemon - Pikachu