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1920's Gangster Party Supplies

Host a fun gangster party with decorations and more from Party Savers

Anyone remember Al Capone? Many do. He was an icon of gangsters and crime in the early 1900s. He’s even a cultural icon today, though only remembered by few. If you want to emulate the mafia themes of the 1900s, why not do a 1920s gangster party? Obviously, this won’t be a party where you bring guns and stuff. You’re just trying on the outfits, and having a good time.

If you want to get toy weapons though, make sure you get some tommy guns. Those were the stereotypical guns of the era. You can also sprinkle a little Italian theme into the mix. A lot of iconic gangsters from the 1920s were Mafioso, being Italian in descent. We’re not asking you to get full Italian though. You can add in some subtleties like music and your food choices. You may even get some mafia movies running, like the Godfather series.

So what are you going to wear? Well, you’ll be wearing scarfs with tassels. You’ll also be wearing an old classic dress shirt and pants to match. You’ll need a location to get those items, ensuring a sharp look. You can get those from Party Savers. Our website is dedicated to selling party items for a variety of themes. There are dozens of themes to choose from, and the 1920s gangster theme is just one. So why not head there and get your gear now? It’s quite cheap, and can be used on many occasions.

1920s Gangster