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Five Indoor Summer Activities for Kids!

The summer holidays mean endless days of fun, sun and games for your kids, but it's not great for them to spend all day boiling in the hot summer sun. While Netflix is the oft-preferred time-killer for kids, there are several activities that you can use to keep your kids occupied over the summer holidays. They can experiment with crafts, learn some cooking skills or play some fun and interesting games, all while creating meaningful memories with their parents. Here are Party Savers' five indoor activities for the summer holidays!

Paper Plate Tennis with Balloons!

All you need for this fun, DIY activity are paper plates, plastic rulers, coloured tape and balloons! Younger kids will love the chance to break out their Textas and get creative designing their "paddles" (made by joining the plastic rulers to the paper plates with the coloured tape) and blow up balloons, which they can then toss around the house with their "bats". Using balloons in place of tennis balls (or equivalent) is a fun and creative way to avoid running the risk of injury, or the breakage of household objects. For a full list of the balloons and party supplies (such as paper plates), click [here][here][here][here]!

Summer holidays are a chance for parents to create warm and last memories with their kids and Party Savers is here to help with all your party planning needs! Visit us online or in store, located in Chatswood. 

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