Moana Party Supplies

Moana is unlike any other Disney princess, she is extremely fierce and with the help of Maui, the demigod she fights to save her island. If your little girl shares the same fearless attributes, there is no better way to make her enjoy being herself than hosting a Moana themed epic birthday party. For all your party ideas and supplies, Party Savers is the number one retailer in Australia.
Send out attractively designed invitations cards to her friends to call them to your house disguised as the Polynesian island.
Browse through the plethora of party decorations available at Party Savers, fancy up your place with palm trees, honeycomb, tiki table decorating kit, tiki totem poles and much more. Then furnish the place with party supplies in Moana themed dinner plates, cups and takeovers all in shades of blue and pink. Dress up your princess in exotic tribal jewellery and flowy Hawaiian dresses and hulas to make her look exactly like Moana. Make the guests happy by feeding them yum cakes and cupcakes with Moana icing. Get the kiddos going with exciting games and treat them with exciting party favours like Moana notepads, pool party cello bags, flip flop key chains among many others.
Shop online at Party Savers and browse through our extensive range of high quality party supplies at affordable prices, or visit our Megastore at Chatswood and Brookvale, in Sydney’s most convenient locations.
So start your birthday parties, theme parties, and fancy dress shopping at Party Savers, where fun is always the order of the day!