SpongeBob Party Supplies

Let the party begin and make SpongeBob and friends have a birthday bash! It's the SpongeBob party supplies that get everyone pumped for the big day. Start preparing for the party and tell everyone to wear a SpongeBob tattoo to the party — it's their secret pass to get in! Deck up your house with Sponge themed decorations. Send out the invitations in our themed invitation cards. Let the balloons in Yellow and Blue fly high! Dress up your little one in themed costumes and accessories. Blow up the balloons with our special SpongeBob confetti balloons. The kids will love using their imaginations to decorate their own treats so put out the SpongeBob edible icing decorations for a tasty activity! Dont forget to add some cupcake also with the SpongeBob themed cupcake edible icings. Let the kids break down and smash the SpongeBob pinatas. The deep-sea bottom is a cheery setting for your SpongeBob birthday as you transform your living room into Bikini Bottom. Everyone will lives in an undersea pineapple in a room full of SpongeBob decorations. Treat all your guests in SpongeBob themed paper plates, cups, napkins, spoons and much more. Make the little squad jump with joy with SpongeBob themed party favors and loot bags. Plan, browse and shop for this SpongeBob themed birthday party for your little one with Australia's largest online shop, Party savers.