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Are you trying to design a birthday cake, but can’t think of a creative icing design? Maybe you’re sick of the old designs that involve layering cream. In that case, we can help you out. We’ve got a few ideas that you can adopt for the next birthday cake. You can find all those on Party Savers! Do note that a lot of the cakes are based on cartoon shows. It’s best if you save those for children. They’ll highly appreciate it, probably staring at the design in awe over eating the cake!

Alright, here we go…
1. Scooby Doo Cakes. The best Scooby Doo icing contains a photo shoot of all 5 main characters. You can cut the cake, handing a character to each attendant! You can have a little fun too playing a little game of who gets Scooby doo. Who will eat each character, and what part?

2. Hot Wheels Cake. A lot of children love toy cars. In fact, a lot of them grow up with toy cars as main entertainment mediums, Getting a Hot Wheels birthday cake maybe something greatly appreciated by your child. Who wouldn’t love a big fancy car staring you down during a birthday chant?

3. Little Mermaid Cake. Alright, this icing is a little girly. If you have a daughter, why not get them this icing? Ariel has always been one of the more elegant Disney princesses. If you’re throwing a birthday party, she’ll fit as icing on the cake!

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