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St Patrick's Day Celebration ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is the day when you break out your green clothes and celebrate luck o' the Irish! With these St. Patrick's day party planning ideas your party will be a hit. We promise! So raise a toast high in the honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and use these simple tips to throw a party your guests will love.

There are many ways to celebrate St Patricks Day at your home ranging from decorating your house with St Patrick's Day theme, cooking Irish dishes and throwing a private party.


Decorating Your Home For St. Patrick's Day 

So let’s go straight to the obvious and point out that the unbreakable rule about decorating your house for St Patricks Day is sticking with the colour green. But don't worry, sticking to the green theme is easier than you think. For instance, these green party fans are hard to go unnoticed and create the necessary visual association that you need on this very special day. Replace regular candles with these green candles and use these special St Patricks Day whirls.


The Bells of Ireland bring good luck, so make sure you hang some bells around your house and don’t forget the green shamrocks. Make little pots of gold using golden foil-covered chocolate coins. Use small containers as the "pot" and fill with the coins. Place at various locations around the house, this is something that both the big kids and little kids will love.  


For something super fun, go ahead and make your own Blarney stone with Styrofoam. If possible, place it like the original one, where the 'kisser' should lay on his back, crawl underneath the stone to kiss it. You can achieve this with the strategic placement of a table or a couple of chairs.


There Is No St Patricks Day Celebrations Without Irish Coffee!

If you have a 18 plus crowd, alcohol is a must have on this occasion but serving regular alcohol alone won't do any justice to your hard work and careful planning. You need to add Irish Coffee to your cocktail menu. Irish Coffee is surprisingly easy to make and there are literally hundreds of recipes on the internet – google is your best friend.  Make a few of them and test them out so that you can finalise one recipe for your party.


Don't forget to serve Irish coffee and other drinks in these green beer mugs! They add an artistic touch of perfection to your party.


The Irish Menu

Start planning the party menu as early as possible to avoid total overwhelm. The MOST IMPORTANT RULE is keeping your menu items as simple as possible. Try to bring perfection in whatever you are cooking but don't spend a lot of time, making too many dishes. Instead, stick to a menu of items less than 5 and focus on making them as perfectly as possible.


Some Irish favourites include Irish Soda Bread, beef and Guinness pasties and green vegetables. 

Do not forget to 'paint' your St. Patrick's Day dishes in green, especially mashed potatoes, cakes and desserts. You can use this edible cake decorating glitter for your desserts, cakes and mashed potatoes. You can even colour the beer green.


So let’s raise a glass of green beer in toast of a memorable St Patricks Day “May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go”

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