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Creating a Magical Butterfly Garden Party

Creating a Magical Butterfly Garden Party

Creating a Magical Butterfly Garden Party


A butterfly garden party is a theme that can be used for all ages, whether you want to celebrate your little girl’s birthday, your best friend’s bachelorette party or even for throwing your sister’s baby shower. Nature provides a great setting for creating garden parties. Take advantage of your garden flowers blooming in spring to create a magical butterfly party.


Creating a butterfly garden party may sound like too much work, but here at Party Savers we will give you some ideas for setting up a magical event with beautiful and affordable products. Check out these butterfly party supplies to begin.


Location and invitations

Here are some party invitation ideas for you to use:

  • Take a picture of the birthday girl and decorate it with flower and butterfly stickers.
  • Make a drawing or look for a cartoon online of butterflies and flowers and print them at home.
  • Attach origami butterflies to a square cardstock that has the party information on it.
  • Add creative and personalized invitation messages for your guests.
  • Seal the envelope with a butterfly sticker.


Invite your guests for an incredible event to take place at your garden, at the city park or even at a butterfly exhibit at the Zoo! Any outdoor space works, so don’t limit yourself.


Garden party decorations

  • Hang a banner at the entrance with the baby girl’s name or the bachelorette’s name.
  • Put some flower tambourines on the tables and around the garden so kids can play with them.
  • Use a tea party decoration to set up the tables and put natural flowers as centrepieces.
  • Use balloon weights or cut paper flowers and butterflies and place them on the ground to lead the entrance to the party.
  • Hang around the garden different nature-shaped balloons, like this Vlinder Butterfly or this Funny Face Flower.


Garden party food ideas

  • Make butterfly and flower-shaped cookies to give to your guests when they arrive. You can also use cookie cutters to make butterfly-shaped sandwiches.
  • Make some cupcakes or round cookies decorated in different colours and place them in a way that they form one big butterfly.
  • Give your guests fresh and natural drinks like lemonade or orange juice. You can also give them a fruit salad for them to enjoy.


Garden activities ideas

  • Paint the guests’ faces with butterflies and flowers.
  • Give the kids some colourful flutes and tell them that it helps them call out butterflies.
  • Make your own version of Pin the Tail and draw a big flower where the guests have to pin the butterfly to it. The guest who pins it closer wins.
  • Place some hanging decorations of butterflies and give the kids magic wands for them to catch as many as they can.


After all this work, don't forget to have fun and enjoy the party with your guests. Remember, that’s what makes the party a success!

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