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5 Fun Galentine's Day Party Ideas!

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching but here's a little known fact - did you know that the 13th of February is now celebrated as Galentine's Day? It's a day devoted to ladies celebrating ladies; for women to spend time with their closest friends. As Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation put it, Galentine's Day is "like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas." What's not to love about that? At Party Savers, we've got all of your decorating needs covered to make your Galentine's Day special. In order to make your Galentine's Day memorable, you'll need...

A Mimosa Bar!

The first step to a good party is to serve a variety of drinks. A mimosa bar can be a fun and easy way to serve your guests, with minimal effort during the party. Simply set up an ice bucket filled with bottles of champagne, carafes of your favourite fruit juices and mixers (because let's face it, orange juice by itself can get boring quickly), break out your finest stemware and you're good to go! Your friends will have a blast creating their own unique mimosas, leaving you free to mingle instead of playing bartender all night - a definite win! 

Heart-Shaped Food!

There's no end to the fun you can have celebrating Galentine's Day with appropriately-themed foods, like pizza, or heart-shaped cookies. Call local pizzerias in your area and see if they'd be willing to create a heart-shaped pizza for you - some may rise to the challenge! You can also have fun with decorating heart-shaped butter cookies with icing, edible glitter and sparkles! 

A Kickass Theme!

For many women, Valentine's Day means dressing up in your prettiest dress, your highest heels, practicing your makeup 'look' for hours beforehand and getting your hair done. Galentine's Day is different - a fun and casual theme could be a pyjama party, where you and your gal pals are clad in your comfiest pyjamas as you eat, drink and enjoy each other's company. Too often women feel the need to dress up in order to celebrate special occasions, so the notion of dressing down with your closest friends can be very appealing. A pink, gold and red colour scheme is also easy to coordinate - check out the range of pink, gold and red party supplies we offer! 

 An Awesome Photo Booth!

Sure, parties come and go but memories last forever. Add a fun twist to documenting your Galentine's party on Instagram and Snapchat with a simple DIY photo booth. Find a blank wall in your party space and unleash your creativity with a red carpet floor runner, lots of heart-shaped and confetti-filled balloons. Next up, make your wall pop with our red honeycomb garland, red and white polka-dotted paper chains and lots of red hanging swirls. Complement these pops of colour with everyday objects around your house - perhaps a favourite fluffy pillow, or a faux-fur rug, or a cute ottoman to pose on! Your photo booth can be as simple or as creative as you like; it will definitely make your Galentine's a memorable one for years to come, as you swipe through photos of the party for years to come. 

Lots of Fun Activities! 

Getting tipsy and watching your favourite movie can make for a pretty great party, but why not step yours up a notch with some fun party games? Have your friends raid the mimosa bar then gather round for a game of 'Never Have I Ever', a dance-off to your favourite songs, a karaoke contest, or a bake-off where the best-decorated cookie/dessert gets a prize! Prizes can also be kept simple; a bottle of wine is often appreciated, or a box of chocolate truffles - this is a day to celebrate your friends, so don't hesitate to go all out!

The key thing to remember when celebrating Galentine's Day is to have fun with your besties; whether that involves a pyjama party as you inhale copious quantities of champagne and pizza, or go out wine tasting is all up to you! Party Savers is here to help you plan and host the most epic Galentine's Day party of all time. Visit us online or in store in Chatswood for more decorating tips, tricks and ideas. 

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