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Themed birthday party ideas!

Do you often feel lost and frustrated when planning a birthday party for your child? You want to make their birthday as big and as special as possible, but there's so much to organise! Selecting a theme for your child's birthday can be a daunting prospect, but at Party Savers, we've got you covered with a range of fabulous themed birthday party ideas!

Disney Princess Party

What's a kid to do when they have lots of Disney Princess favourites? Celebrate them all with a Disney Princess themed birthday party, of course! A good princess party never gets old, and there's so many creative ways to celebrate - you can have a Disney movie marathon, a Disney trivia night, and plenty of princess-themed snacks! You can find a ton of Disney Princess party supplies at Party Savers, to simplify all your party planning needs!

 Unicorn Party

Every parent wants to make their kid feel special on their birthday, filling it with as much magic and wonder as they can. You can't wait to see the look of joy and wonder in your child's eyes when they see their unicorn birthday party, full of rainbow decorations and sweet treats. Go all out for your child's dream unicorn birthday party, with rainbow banners, unicorn balloons, unicorn piñatas and more with Party Savers! Our full range of unicorn party themed decorations is sure to fill your child's birthday with magic and wonder!  

Paw Patrol Party

Ryder, Rubble, Rocky, Chase and Zuma - if these names sound familiar to you, chances are you or someone you know is a huge Paw Patrol fan! Your kid is sure to love a paw print dessert table, and Paw Patrol-themed party favours for their friends! Throwing a Paw Patrol party can be made so much easier with some inspiration from Party Savers - check out our range of Paw Patrol-themed decorations and party supplies! 

Pirate Party

Shiver me timbers! What an awesome idea for a birthday party - a Pirate Party! Whether you're planning a treasure hunt, having mock sword fights or watching Pirates of the Caribbean, your child is sure to love their Pirate Party. Before beginning the games and activities, give each guest a pirate hat and eye patch, to kick off the party! For a full range of pirate-themed party supplies, visit Party Savers, and let us fulfil all your party planning dreams! 

For our entire range of themed birthday party supplies, visit us online or in store, located in Chatswood! 


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