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Peppa Pig Party Ideas For An Oink Of A Good Time

Peppa Pig Party Ideas For An Oink Of A Good Time

Peppa Pig Live came to Perth in January 2014 and ever since, kids can’t get enough of the colourful show. You just need to mention the name ‘Peppa Pig’  to any kid on the street and watch the instant smile that lights up on their little faces as they  draw up lively and exciting stories of Peppa Pig in their imagination. 

If you are planning to throw a party for your kids, a Peppa Pig themed birthday party promises to be a hit!

Keeping Kids Engaged At a Peppa Pig Party

With careful and strategic planning, parents can ensure that they keep the kids entertained from the beginning. There is no better way to bring in fun than to kick off the party with a welcome drink. Serve pink milk or raspberry slushies’ in Peppa Pig themed cups watch their little eyes light up with excitement as they sip in the buzzing atmosphere. 

To get the party started put small gifts or lollies in blown up Peppa Pig themed balloons  then start the party with a bang by getting kids to pop the balloons in search of prizes.

Have a craft table set up and encourage kids to tap into their imagination by making their very own mask, hat or eyewear for the party. Organise a creative selection of plain cardboard cut outs of eye masks, hats and Peppa Pig masks so that the kids only have to worry about the fun part – decorating them. On the table put jars of crayons, pencils, glitter, sequins, glue, stickers and anything else that takes your fancy. After the kids have finished decorating their party accessory have a Polaroid camera handy to snap a few photos and make them feel like VIP guests.

Peppa Pig Party Activities for Children

Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles is a great activity for kids. You can cut out cardboard puddles for kids so that they can dance around them with music. The game is very simple; it is a creative version of the traditional birthday game musical chairs. Kids dance with the music and the moment the music stops, each kid should find a muddy puddle. After each round, a muddy puddle is removed. From the beginning, one puddle should be lesser than the total number of children. With a larger group of kids, this game can keep going on and on for hours. With the right music and crowd cheering to support the players, the game is quite exciting.

Treasure Hunt

You can’t have a kid’s party without a treasure hunt. You can source photos of Peppa Pig character's and objects on the internet and cut them out to use for the game. A good idea is to laminate each photo. Treasure hunting is a very engaging activity that promises to bring lots of laughs and giggles.

Pinning The Tail

Kids love pinning the tail. You can use a cute pig cut out to play this game. Make a pig tail and each child should try to pin the curly tail on the wall mounted pig's picture. Each kid will be blindfolded and the winner is someone who pins the tail at the closest location.

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