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How to Train Your Dragon / Medieval Theme Party

So your brave little knight loves to train and slay dragons? Why not make his/her spirit soar by celebrating their birthday with a dragon party. We have created a party to-do list on what you will need to turn your home into a medieval village, plus we have a whole bunch of ideas on party invitations, decorations, food, games, and more!

Before you get planning it is always wise to check out what is currently available in party supplies so that you can come up with creative ideas based on what themed supplies you can get your hands on. Now, the good news is that we have an entire selection dedicated to the How To Train Your Dragon theme party. Browse the current supplies here.

Pre-Party Planning

In addition to basic How To Train Your Dragon party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, which will be the bones of your theme, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Dragon party:

ONE: Get your hands on a couple of dragon movies that the kids can watch to wind down after the party – which will also help settle that sugar high. Some great movies that kids love are:

  • Pete's Dragon (G),
  • Mulan (G),
  • The Never-ending Story (PG),
  • Shrek (PG),
  • How to Train Your Dragon (PG),
  • Or Puff the Magic Dragon (G).

TWO: Create a buzz and get the party guests in the mood by having a treasure chest filled with costumes and supplies that they can help themselves to. Some great ideas are knight costumes, capes, viking hats, cut-out swords, plastic shields, dragon masks and crowns for the maidens.

THREE: Serve frosty drinks in goblets, that way the birthday boy or girl gets the medieval birthday cheer that they deserve.

FOUR:  Impress your guest by hiring an inflatable bouncy castle for the kingdom.

Dragon Birthday Invitations

We sell themed How To Train Your Dragon Invites that look like old parchment paper that has been slightly burned with dragon breath. For a medieval touch address invitations in calligraphy, either by hand or using a computer font (i.e., Monotype Corsiva).

Be creative with your wording, and turn your invitation into a proclamation. For example: "In honour of his birthday, King Harry Smith decrees the 21st of September an official holiday. To celebrate, all knights and princesses are invited to join him for an afternoon of merriment at his castle, 29 Balmoral Drive, at the stroke of three." Roll up the invitation and tie it with some thread to make it look like a scroll.

Dragon Party Decorations

Turn your backyard or family room into a medieval fair. Here ye, here ye; now while it may sound ambitious, it is actually quite easy.

You will need:

Paint the boxes with different colours using the poster paint. Once the cardboard is dry, cut out holes in the boxes to create booths for carnival-style games. Label your booths to help create the mood ('Maid Marion's Ring Toss,' 'Ye Olde Clothes Pin Drop,' ‘Dragon Fighting Arena’ etc.)

Amp up the party theme by accenting the booths with balloons, cut out fire flames and pictures of swords, dragons and castles.

Give the decorations texture and make it look like a real medieval village by adding the How To Train Your Dragon props (as mentioned in above list) in-between the booths.

Create a sign to post outside that reads "Dragon holding area". Make a throne for the birthday child by draping dark red or gold fabric over a chair. And create a buzz by placing dragon footprints made out of poster paper on the floor, leading from the front door to the party area.

Dragon Party Food

While you are creating cardboard booths for carnival games, why not create a medieval booth to serve up food. Get creative with common party food by labelling them to coordinate with the dragon theme. Here are some examples to help inspire you!

Crispy Dragon Wings: Make up some healthy and homemade crispy chicken wings by coating them in breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and herbs then  oven baking them till they become crispy treats the kids will love.

 Dragon Firestarter: Make your own pizza dough and simply top it with pepperoni, bbq sauce and cheese.  

Dragon Tails: Make up a batch of finger sized sausage rolls.

Dragon Breath Punch: The kids love these and they are super easy to make. All you need to do is freeze a combination of orange and red coloured ice cubes – orange juice and cranberry juice work a treat.   At the party, serve up homemade lemonade or ginger beer and then encourage each child to drop in the ‘dragon’s breath cube’ which will turn their drink into a bursting ball of fire.  

Dragon Party Favors

Fortunately, you don't need to spend a king's ransom to make a great medieval-themed favor bag.  We have go you covered with our  How To Train Your Dragon party favor kitwhich is filled with stickers, tattoos, yo-yo’s and more. Kids always love a chocolate treat, so drop in a few chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. You can also include homemade certificates for each of your guests, proclaiming them "Jester in Training," "Shiniest Armour," "Best-Mannered Princess," "Knight Most Likely to Stare Down a Dragon," etc.

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