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Super Hero Party

Super Hero Party

Create an Awesome Superhero Party


Holy party, Batman! Throwing out a party can be very exciting, but you cannot start planning one without choosing a great theme party.

If your child likes to play he’s a superhero and goes all around the house saving everyone or you want to bring out your boyfriend’s “inner hero”, throwing a superhero theme party for him is just the greatest option. Let your imagination run with these fun party ideas and start working on the greatest superhero party ever.

Superhero party decorations

  • Put up a little ambiance by adding some superhero-themed foil balloons as centrepieces or at the entrance of the party and choose your party supplies on one or two colours that distinguishes your superhero, like using blue and red metallic balloons or table covers to decorate the place for your Spiderman birthday party.
  • Hang a welcoming banner of your favourite superhero at the entrance of the location to invite your guests to enter the party.
  • Put a piñata at the centre of the room so the kids can get thrills for getting candies and toys. Make some “BAM” and “POW!” signs to use them along with the piñata so the kids can take funny pictures by acting out some action moves.
  • Use these room rolls to make the guests feel like they’re in the superhero’s city and can be used by your kids as a setting for their playground.


Superhero costume ideas

Add excitement to the party by dressing up the birthday boy (or guy) with a superhero costume. Let them show off their superpowers and save their guests from the enemies - leaving them on safe ground to enjoy the party.


Superhero party games

Wearing a costume is not just for the birthday boy. You can give your guests their own mask and ask them to show their own superpower.

Other activities that you can get your party started:

  • Have someone play the villain and capture one of the guests so the superhero can save him/her.
  • Hide different villain images around the playing area and make your guests find the enemies. The more enemies they find the better chances of winning the game.
  • Give your guests some paper and colours and invite them to draw pictures of themselves as superheroes and place them on a wall near the birthday cake.


Superhero food

Going around the city getting rid of the bad guys is an extenuating job for your superhero. Give him and your guests some super neon-coloured cupcakes, and as the main decoration put a cake with the superhero’s image on it. You can even make it yourself and decorate it with some mini action figures or with a themed edible icing. Let the guests have fun and serve their food and drinks on themed plates and cups.

These were just some ideas to get you started, but your only limit is your own imagination. Visit our store at Party Savers for more ideas for creating a flaming superhero party theme. Up, up and away!

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