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Baby Shower - Happi tree Owl

Baby Shower - Happi tree Owl

There is no time more special in a woman’s life than when she is expecting a baby.  She learns what it is like to feel true joy.  However, it is not only the expectant mother that experiences this intense happiness. Her family and friends all surround her and help her to celebrate the new life she is creating. This is why the baby shower is so important. It doesn’t just help the mother obtain all the things she will need for her new bundle of sweet love, but it surrounds her with the love and support of her family and community. 


Setting up a baby shower is no easy task. There are so many things to organise and plan that you need a great resource for adorable and affordable products. Fortunately there are some incredibly cute party themes available online that will help you coordinate your shower. One favourite is the Happi Tree Owl baby shower accessories. This theme shows mama and baby owl together enjoying the day, much like the new mother and baby will be after the baby is born. These sweet little owls perch on their branch as they welcome guests to the baby shower. 



Create a warm ambiance

The welcome banner (shown here: is a wonderful way to greet your guests with the colourful, yet soft lettering. It not only welcomes the guests, but also reminds everyone that they will soon be welcoming a new addition to the family. 


In addition to the banner, there are plenty of other accessories available to decorate your baby shower. Your table presentation will be the first impression your guests will often notice at the shower. Matching table covers, cups, and napkins will give the feeling that everything is well organised and put together.  For a warm and personal touch – dress the table with olive green and yellow table linen to create a tranquil yet earthy ambience.


Add a thoughtful touch with a little old fashioned hospitality by taking the time to prepare delicious homemade finger food. Good food will feed both the belly and soul of your guests. Make up platters of finger sandwiches, vegetable crudités, mini quiches and French vol au vents. A bowl of homemade lemonade or fruit punch is also a lovely addition.


Play games


Of course, many baby showers also offer different games to keep the guests involved.  Feeling Rattledis an all-time favourite game. To play this memory game simply hang a string of clothesline across the room and hang bibs, onesies and booties. Half way through the party, remove the items and announce the game to your guests. Guests then have to test their awareness and memory skills by writing down the objects that were on the line. The guest that gives the most detailed description of the items wins! Playing random games and giving out little bundles of prizes increases the excitement of the day. For prizes, spoil your guests by giving out little gifts of luxuries – organic lip balms, candles, pretty stationary sets, small gift books, marinades or even kitchen gadgets.


Favor Bags

There is no better way to say “Thank you” to your guests than giving them each a thoughtfully packaged favor bag. The Happi Tree Owl Favor Bags (shown here: are just gorgeous and will keep the theme flowing. The die cut bags are sturdier than other paper bags and are much cuter.  Mama and baby owl sit on their branch, plus there is a lovely bow on the front to add that little something extra.  They are a beautiful compliment to the Happi Tree Owl decorations and will look fantastic sitting on the tables. You could even pair them with a few balloons and use them as centerpieces for each table.  Your guests will be delighted to take them home. Fill them with small pampering gifts such as body oils, lip balms, cotton face washers, headbands and essential oils.  


A baby shower is a celebration of new life, and however you choose to arrange your baby shower, know that it is most important to encourage a sense of community and family.  Choosing the right party theme can dramatically set the tone for the entire party.  The sweet mama and baby owls make a warm and comfortable atmosphere for any baby shower.

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