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Ten Tips for Decorating Your Home this Halloween!

As the festive season kicks off with Halloween later this month, decorating your home can be a daunting and overwhelming prospect. Worry not, because Party Savers has all your spooky decorating needs covered with our one-of-a-kind Halloween decorations that you can get creative with!

Halloween Wreath

Welcome guests to your home on All Hallow's Eve with this spooky Halloween Wreath pinned to your door! It covers everything you need, from skeletons to spiders, with a gauzy trim for that chic-yet-eerie vibe!


This tombstone is another easy and effective way to decorate your front yard to thrill all passers-by on the scariest night of the year!

Halloween Blood-Stained Window Boards

These Blood-Stained Window Boards are an awesome and easy way to decorate your windows this Halloween! They are a great way to ensure yours is the most unnerving house on the block! 

Shaking Reader with Light-Up Eyes and Sound

Shock and surprise your guests at the door with our Shaking Reaper, complete with lights and sound! Imagine encountering this guy in a dark and lonely hallway!

Halloween Wall Decal TwoHalloween Wall Decal One

Nothing can be more frightening than seeing giant spiders crawling down the wall - for a spine-tingling thrill, check out our Halloween-inspired wall decals!

Super Glow Spider Web

For a fun twist on the beloved party game, try our Super Glow Spider Web for pin the tail on the spider! This spider web would add a scary and fun touch to any home this Halloween. 

Hanging Skull and Muslin Chain Decoration

Get creative with doorways and partitions in your home with Party Savers' Hanging Skull and Muslin Chain Decoration! It's the perfect way to lead guests through your home and through to the kitchen for Halloween-themed snacks and drinks! 

Black Gothic Wine Glass

Be sure to hand each guest a glass of wine in this spooky Gothic wine glass! As far as Halloween decorations go, this is the simplest and most effective at capturing the sprit of the holiday! 

Latex Gory Gourmet Cake

Halloween isn't complete without some sort of blood-curdling prank. The next time a guest asks for some food around Halloween, bring out our Latex Gory Gourmet Cake, with lit candles for extra effect! Be sure to have a camera ready to capture everyone's confused and horrified faces!

Skull Candelabra

The perfect decoration to place atop a coffee table, this Skull Candelabra can also work as a frightening prop as you lead guests around your home, or greet them at the door. 


At Party Savers, our goal is to help you decorate your home to be the scariest house on the block this Halloween! Check out our website for more awesome ideas on decorating your home for Halloween. 

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