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Fun Easter Activities for Your Kids!

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Easter is only a hop, skip and jump away! Aside from its obvious religious connotations, to many Easter also means spending time with loved ones, eating chocolate and having fun. Here are our suggestions for fun ways to celebrate Easter with your children!

Easter Egg Hunt

The quintessential Easter family activity, an Easter egg hunt brings the whole family together in unexpected ways. Enlist the grown-ups in hiding Easter eggs in fun places - hours of fun!

Visit a Farm

Whether it's a baby bunny, chick or lamb, nothing lifts the spirits more than spending time with adorable animals! Your kids will love this fun Easter activity - make a day of it by packing a picnic lunch and watch as this becomes a cherished Easter tradition in your family. 

 Watch a Classic Movie

What could be more apt than curling up on Easter morning on the couch, watching a classic film like Easter Parade? Sing along to Judy Garland's greatest hits, or binge-watch the following classics - The Velveteen RabbitBen Hur, or Jesus Christ Superstar

Egg and Spoon Race

Try this good old-fashioned Easter pastime once your egg hunt is over to keep the festivities going! All you need are eggs (hard-boiled make the least mess!) and metal or wooden spoons for a great time! 

Decorate an Easter Egg Tree

Here's a fun activity if your kids are missing the Christmas tree! Decorate a tree (indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather) with plastic Easter eggs, pastel ribbons or tissue paper flowers for a fun and festive Easter pastime.

Make Chocolate Fondue

Once your kids have amassed their giant stashes of chocolate, why not have them melt some of it down into a delicious chocolate fondue? Sharing chocolate may be a difficult proposal for kids to accept, but why not sweeten the deal by adding some fresh-cut fruits (like strawberries, bananas, mandarin slices or apples) and marshmallows to your Easter festivities? This is also a fun way to ensure your kids eat something healthy during Easter. 

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate Easter, Party Savers is here to help you along the way, with decorations and party supplies. Make your Easter a memorable one by visiting us online or in store, located in Chatswood. 

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