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Hop To It: Easter Party Ideas For Kids

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Throw an Easter party that all the kids on the street will remember; from egg smashing and mastering tricky obstacle courses to kooky eggsperiments.  

Egg and Confetti Cascarones

Drain out the yolk from an egg and fill with colourful confetti – you may need to use some colourful tape to seal the hole. To give the eggs a festive look invest in some egg stencils and paint the outside with watercolors and then decorate with glitter and stars. Have them in a basket and let the kids go wild by smashing them on the floor. You could even set it up as a game where one of the eggs has a mini chicken in it and whoever smashes that egg wins a prize.


Bunny Hop Sack Race

Kids always love a good old-fashioned sack race. Call it a bunny hop race and give each child an old pillowcase or hessian sack to hop in.


Eggtacular Relay

Set up an obstacle course that must be completed while keeping an egg steady on the spoon the entire time (eek!). If you don’t want broken yolks all over you yard then you should definitely pick up a pack of these egg ball bouncers.

Turn your backyard into a fun obstacle course. At one end of the yard, mark a starting line for each team with a set of Easter balloons tied to a stake that you have driven into the ground. At the other end of the yard have another set of balloons to mark the finish line. In between the start and finish line design up an obstacle course such as tyres to walk across, poles to weave through and small ropes to step over. Divide kids into two teams and have each team stand behind their starting lines. Give every kid a plastic spoon and each team only one egg. The first kid from each team should place the team's egg in their spoon and hold the handle in their teeth. At the blow of a whistle, they must race through the obstacle course and to their team's other set of balloons, around it, and back, passing off the egg to the next teammate in line (it's okay to use hands for this). If an egg falls to the ground, it can be picked up and placed back in the spoon. The first team to have all of its members finish the course wins the game.



Have A Costume Party

There is no better way to immerse the kids in Easter fun than having them dress up as Easter bunny. It can be as simple as a pair of bunny ears paired with a black painted nose and whiskers; or alternatively you can get the kids to dress up in cute furry bunny costumes. At Party Savers we have a great range of Easter bunny costumes, Easter bunny ears and Easter accessories available in our online store.


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