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Celebrate National Picnic Month This Weekend!

July is National Picnic Month, so why not round it off this weekend with a picnic? It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors and catch up with family and friends, and have some great food and drinks, too. At Party Savers, we have the best tips (and accessories) to help you organise and host a great picnic!

Find the Location

The most important thing that can make or break your picnic is where you go. Before you send out the invites, it pays to spend some time finding your ideal picnic spot; it could be a nearby park with plenty of shady trees, a local beach or waterfront locale, scenic byways with picnic tables, or a park with a basketball or tennis court for a quick game before the meal. 

There's also the option of hosting the picnic in your front or backyard, if you have the space. It's as simple as laying down a checkered blanket in a sunny spot and sharing some delicious food with your nearest and dearest. 

Plan an activity 

A simple picnic where friends and family can gather, share food and swap stories about their lives is enjoyable enough, you want an activity that'll encourage your guests to attend your picnic. Activities are also a godsend if you have many young kids attending your picnic, as it allows kids to socialise amongst themselves as the adults mingle and chat. 

Get the adults itching to play along with a selection of card and board games, frisbee, flag football, volleyball, croquet, bocce ball or badminton - lawn game sets are easy to set up, and a good way to get the whole family involved! 

Of course, you can also include quintessential picnic activities like hot potato, potato sack races or duck, duck, goose for younger kids. 

Prepare the Spread

Planning the menu is half the work (and arguably the most important part of hosting a successful picnic) - but it doesn't need to be overcomplicated with dozens of different foods and days spent cooking and baking ahead of time. You can keep your picnic simple, with a classic Aussie barbecue, or host an elaborate waterfront high tea with dainty petit fours and watercress sandwiches. Here are some pro tips for planning an easy and delicious picnic menu:

  • Pack extra food; when it comes to guests, the more the merrier, but that can be stressful if you've only made enough to feed a small group of people. It's always a good rule of thumb to prepare a bit of extra food, for last-minute guests. Any leftovers can be divvied up and sent home with family and friends for an additional treat! 
  • Make foods that can withstand the heat. Granted, it's the middle of winter, but that doesn't mean some foods won't spoil if left out for too long. Bringing coolers to a picnic is a no-brainer, but you'll need to save plenty of space in the cooler for drinks. By serving foods with no need for refrigeration, you're not risking spoilage by taking your time relaxing in the sun before getting to your meal. 
  • Family-style sharing is easier to cook for than preparing individual servings for all your guests (especially if you have invited a large number of people). Individual servings are useful when considering your guests' dietary preferences, but providing three to four dishes than can be shared means less cooking for you, and less storage containers used (better for the environment, too)!
  • Don't forget supplying plenty of ice-cold drinks, napkins, plates and cutlery - we've got all your picnic essentials sorted! Click here to see our full range of picnic supplies. 

Now that you've got everything sorted, go out and enjoy the last weekend of National Picnic Month with your nearest and dearest! For more information and advice about hosting an epic party, why not chat to our friendly staff in store in Chatswood? Or check out our website for our entire range of party supplies. Whatever you need for your party, Party Savers has got you covered! 

Now eat, drink, and be merry! 

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