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Five Ways to Celebrate International Friendship Day

The 30th of July was declared International Friendship Day in 2011, by the General Assembly of United Nations. Due to the increasing popularity of social media, It is celebrated around the world online and through local community activities, bringing those of different backgrounds together. 

There are many ways to celebrate International Friendship Day - a simple catch up over coffee with your closest friend would mark the occasion just as well as a huge party with 150 of your mates. Here are some of our ideas for celebrating International Friendship Day!

Spend some time with your friends

Seems obvious, but in today's world, we are all so busy that friendships often take a back seat to other parts of our lives. Bring your friendships back to the forefront by taking a few hours of your day to spend with your buddy. Take time to reach out to friends, send them a message over social media, or hand out heartfelt gifts to your closest friends. 

A cute way to do this could be through placing small, handwritten notes in cellophane treat bags, given to friends to open and read whenever they're feeling sad or lonely. Write encouraging messages, funny anecdotes and inside jokes on your notes, and see how this small gesture makes your friend's month!

Give small gifts

Show your friends you appreciate them with a small, inexpensive gift - this can make an even greater impact than one that costs a lot of money. Some small gift ideas include:

A cherished photo of you and your friends, in a decorative picture frame which they can keep on their desks. This is an especially thoughtful gift if your friendship has a long history, as you reflect and look back on all the good times. 

Your friend's favourite treat, baked by hand and given in a small treat box, inlaid with some tissue paper. 

Host a party

What better way to celebrate existing friends (and make new ones!) than hosting a party? Any type of party - be it a dinner party, an all-night rager, a wine tasting party, or a lets-binge-watch-Netflix-all-night party - can be a success with the right decorations and supplies. 

Give each guest a party band as they enter your party, as a way to mark the occasion, decorate tables (or any flat surfaces) with party-themed confetti, deck out your home with balloons, and fill a piñata with adult party favours (such as little bottles of tequila and vodka, small rum-infused chocolate truffles, or whatever else strikes your fancy). 

Have a karaoke night

Invite all your friends round for a fun (and boozy) karaoke night! Start pouring those drinks, hand each friend a microphone and see how soon you and your mates are belting out your favourite tunes! All you need for this party are drinks, a decent set of bluetooth speakers and your best singing voice!

Go out for brunch

You're just a mimosa (or Bellini) away from making memories with your favourite friends! Make it a special event by reserving a table at a quiet, cosy cafe or great breakfast spot. Give yourselves time to catch up, unwind and chat over some yummy treats. 

However you choose to celebrate International Friendship Day, be sure to check out Party Savers, either online or in store, to get all your party supplies! 

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