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Celebrate the release of Dora the Explorer with a Dora-themed birthday party!

Have your guests grab their backpacks and plunge into an adventure with a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party! Party Savers has a range of Dora-themed birthday party, with festive tableware, invitations and decorations to make your party an unforgettable one. 

Dora Tableware

The main colours you'll come across in the beloved Dora cartoons are pink, orange and purple - for her clothes and backpack. You can keep your tableware as simple or as fancy as you'd like; kids are sure to love these Dora the Explorer plates, napkins and cups, but keeping it simple with bright pink, purple and orange tableware can also be a cost-effective way to stick to your theme! 


Invite your guests to a muy bueno adventure with Dora the Explorer invitations! To help guests find your home (or party venue), you can also print out a small map (one of Dora's best buddies is named Map) with directions to the party, with a small speech bubble drawn on top. In the speech bubble, you can write "Hi, I'm Map! I can show you how to get to the best birthday party in town!" Kids and parents alike will appreciate this thoughtful touch to your party invitations. 

Dora  Décor

A fun idea for a Dora the Explorer birthday party would be to separate different rooms in your house/party venue into different settings from the tv show. Your living room could be transformed into Windy Valley by sticking blue streamers in a range of hues to fans dotted around the room, and from the ceiling. The streamers twirling from the fans (plus the natural breeze from the fans!) will make the perfect Windy Valley! Festoon rainbow dizzy danglers from your dining room ceiling and place rainbow centrepieces on the table to transform the room into Rainbow Road. Just don't forget to put up signposts at the entrance of each venue so your party guests can understand and appreciate where they are, according to the theme! 

For a more general theme, you could also decorate your party venue to resemble a fiesta, complete with fan decorations, 

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