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Ideas for Hosting the Perfect Casino Night Party!

No matter what time of year it is, there's always a good reason to have a party! A casino night party can be a fun twist to your usual poker night and a great theme for a birthday party. At Party Savers, we have you covered with out Casino-themed decorations and tableware! Here are five tips to help you host the perfect casino night party. 

1. Pick a Theme

Of course, Casino Night is a theme in itself, but why not brainstorm ideas for a greater theme, such as a Las Vegas casino night? Take inspiration from the Vegas strip (and films such as 'What Happens in Vegas' and 'The Hangover') and guests to dress up as their favourite characters, or as their favourite burlesque performers? 

Or, if you're planning a ritzier party to mark a special occasion, consider a Monte Carlo-themed casino night! Here's a night your guests will remember, as you serve up hors d'oeuvres, custom cocktails and ask guests to come in their most extravagant formal wear! 

2. Pick your Games

No casino night party would be complete without games and there are a number of ways you can transform your venue into a gambler's paradise. There are a number of companies that rent out equipment such as roulette wheels, poker sets or backgammon tables. These parties ca also set you up with dealers who not only deal the cards but also encourage partygoers to join the fun and explain how games are played, for first-timers! You could also enquire amongst your friends and relatives to source equipment; however, the best thing about a casino night theme is that most games can be played with a simple deck of cards, which are easily available. 

 3. Choose your Decor

Once you've finalised a theme for your casino night party, you can start decorating! No matter your venue, Party Savers has the perfect decorations for an amazing casino night. Keep guests mingling by setting up tables dotted amongst the roulette wheels, where they can observe the merriment while sipping a martini or two! You can't go wrong with a bit of glitz and glamour with Party Savers' casino night themed decorations! Check out our full range here!

4. Casino-themed Food

As many guests may prefer to drift from game to game, organising a proper sit-down dinner may be impractical for a casino night party. Instead, opt for canapés and hors d'oeuvres to be served to guests as they enter the party. As the night continues, set up a buffet-style meal, with large tables serving food that guests can take with them to their games. Some food items include,

  • Diamond-shaped sandwiches - these are versatile, can be altered to suit a number of dietary requirements and are theme-appropriate, as the shape is reminiscent of the diamond in playing cards. 
  • Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears - keep your food simple to accommodate your guests' games. Asparagus spears are a party favourite and can make for a healthy and versatile dish! 
  • Shrimp cocktails - these are a staple of many casinos worldwide, so why should yours be any different? Make yours a seafood buffet by adding crab cakes, fried clams and crab puffs. 
  • Fruit salad - customise your fruit salad by slicing your fruits into heart, club, spade and diamond shapes with cookie cutters. This will make them look aesthetically-pleasing. For a bit of extra sparkle, lightly sprinkle some sugar onto your fruits before serving.

Of course, when setting up your buffet tables, you'll need to consider tableware options, and Party Savers has you covered! Simply check out this link for more inspiration. 

5. Drinks

There are a number of ways you can approach serving drinks for your casino night. Having a table set up by the buffet with bottles of wine, beer, spirits and champagne can be a stress-free way of serving your guests their drinks. For a more memorable twist, why not offer them a martini bar? Set up a variety of liquors, mixers and garnishes (such as pickled onions, olives, cherries and orange slices) on a table, with a trusted friend to mix up martinis for your guests! Why not serve the drinks in Party Savers' silver-trimmed champagne and martini glasses? 

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