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Creative Ideas for Filling Party Bags!

Finding gifts to stock in party bags for your guests is a daunting prospect. Kids may love receiving them, but finding small yet thoughtful gifts for party bags (that parents won't hate you for gifting) is a challenging task. No parent wants their child to bring home a party bag stuffed full of lollies and small plastic toys that inevitably end up collecting dust around the house. Luckily, at Party Savers we have some creative and thoughtful ideas for the perfect party bag gifts!

1. One Original Thing

Current trends appear to shy away from stuffing party bags with lots of small gifts, instead favouring one larger and more thoughtful gift. The cost of party bags plus the numerous small gifts included in them makes individual gifts more economical. For a personal touch, consider adding a handmade note to each party bag, simply thanking the guest for coming to your party. 

These gifts can be uniquely personalised as well; consider gifting a Hogwarts House-themed scarf or gloves if you're hosting a Harry Potter party, as pictured below. Parents will appreciate an unobtrusive item of clothing which can be stowed in cars for on-the-go use. 

Harry Potter Deluxe Ravenclaw Scarf

2. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle... Your Decorations!

If your party requires substantial decorations, consider including a small token from your decorations in your party bags. For example, a fun accompaniment to a Frozen-themed birthday party could be a Frozen-inspired sticker activity kit included in each party bag. For a more adult variation, our Girls' Night Out Scratch-a-Dare game (shown below) would also make for a fun parting gift for a bachelorette party! 

Girls' Night Out Scratch a Dare Game

 3. Toys? Toys!

Most kids have a stash of Lego, Play-Doh, crayons or markers in their toy collections. These are also the kinds of toys that are sure-fire hits in party bags, as no parents will object to new crayons/markers, or a fresh tub of Play-Doh for their kids. 

For an adult twist, create cheap party bags full of next-day essentials, such as Berocca dissolvable tablets, bottles of water, hand sanitiser, band-aids, eye drops and breath mints. Your guests will love you for giving them these thoughtful gifts!

4. Books!

Parents will never object to an addition to their bookshelves, particularly if it's one that encourages their children to read. Books are an extremely versatile party bag stuffer; for your next children' party, consider stuffing party bags with picture books. For older kids (and likeminded adults!) consider including a paperback edition of the latest best-selling YA title in your party bags, for a unique parting gift! 

5. Props!

Another versatile party bag stuffer, props can be customised to suit your party! For a summery pool party, include a pair of Aviator-styled sunglasses (as shown below), or top off each party bag with a feather boa, for a creative and colourful twist! 

Aviator Style Sunglasses

Burgundy Feather Boa

No matter the occasion, Party Savers has the perfect party bag ideas in-store and online! For more inspiration, be sure to visit our stores, located in Chatswood and Brookvale! 


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