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Movember Foundation: An Amazing Party to Celebrate the Shaving of the Moustache

Movember Foundation: An Amazing Party to Celebrate the Shaving of the Moustache


Like their women counterparts; men face their own set of health risks. But, sadly, statistics show that men die six years earlier than women on average, which is a staggering stat considering we’re all just humans at the end of the day. It’s sad to know that men are dying prematurely, but it’s great that there is global charity dedicated to raising awareness and advancing treatments.


This charity is known as the Movember Foundation, and it gets its title from the fact that their signature fund-raising is completed throughout the month of November. Men across the globe are encouraged to start the month clean shaven, and grow a fantastic moustache for a whole 30 days. Moustaches are the essentially the focal point, hence the clever switch of N for M in their name. Although, women are also invited to help raise money for men’s health.


Movember is a truly great idea, and if you participate you’ll be open to a whole host of benefits. Not only will you become more active and healthier through fund-raising, you’ll also gain new friends, be challenging yourself and become a part of a greater mission. That mission is to do everything humanly possible to prolong the lives of men throughout the world.


Everyone who does commit to Movember will join a community of like-minded people, and when a charity is involved you really get to see everyone uniting in force. People from all walks of life collaborate in harmony to try and break records each year in terms of how much money is raised. But, it is also providing hope for men who are currently going through a health battle, and for families who have sadly watched a loved one affected by a health issue in the past.


Now, this combined effort does not go unnoticed, and when the 30 days of Movember is completed it strikes the start of some fun. After all, raising money to prevent lives being cut short only highlights the importance of living life to the full. So, why not organise a Movember party, and allow participants to reflect on the month with enjoyment and positivity.


At this party, healthy competition is formed as it is often decided who managed to grow the most brilliant moustache. Believe it not, men want to win this accolade more than you think! But, the people who raised the most money will be commended, while gratitude will still be shown to everyone else who chipped in. Furthermore, there will also be a lot of games, challenges, music, food to celebrate.


Ultimately, the Movember Foundation is working with the masses to try and make a significant difference in men’s lives, and it really is admirably how so many people sign up. Although the end of month party is designed to shine a positive light on the situation, there is consistent work needed to be done. So, that means participants can look forward to many more parties in the future!


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