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Tips on How to Throw A Great Graduation Party On A Budget

You don't need to have a huge budget to throw a great graduation party; all you need is some careful planning and a little creativity. There are a lot of ways where you can save on your party expenses, provided that you are savvy when it comes to choosing party supplies and food. Here are some tips and ideas to help you throw a graduation party that delivers a big impact on a minimal budget. 

Location Location Location

Most graduation parties fall in November and December so why not take advantage of the beautiful Australian weather by setting up in the great outdoors, some great locations include your backyard, the beach, a campground, a local park or by the river.

Think of how much money you will save by choosing a free location as opposed to renting a private room or restaurant. With decorations, chairs, tables and a marquee you can spruce up any place to look festive and beautiful.


Decorations are one place where you can save a lot of money, yet still create an impact that will charm your guests. The secret behind choosing show stopping decorations is to select party supplies that are rare and cater to the theme appropriately. It can be hard to find retailers that stock specific graduation party decorations, more often than not you will come across generic decorations that can be used universally for any kind of party and this becomes quite boring for the guests and quite a stereotypical ambience for a party. However at Party Savers we stock a huge selection of graduation party decorations that will give your party the perfect finishing touches.

The Party Essentials: Cheap staples that transform a party space are: streamers, balloons, paper pom poms and garlands.  For a touch of quality and luxe, combine a few graduation themed decorations with some affordable designer Martha Steward decorations


Confetti: Celebrate with the Graduation Black & White Confetti, the black-and-white ‘grad hats’ is a great graduation theme-based confetti that will really set the scene.  If you want to add a splash of colour and vibrancy then you may prefer the Graduation Multi Colour Confetti which is a  multi-coloured version of the ‘grad-hats’. When the graduation themed confetti falls from above during the cake cutting ceremony, it can create a real ‘wow’ factor that will get everyone buzzing with the party fever.

Personal Touch: Get a memento board or timeline made up which is filled with baby pictures, achievements, milestones and diplomas. A lovely idea is to print up a little booklet about the person who is graduating and hand out a copy to every guest. There are many printing shops that offer affordable printing.

Snap Happy: Add a little quirk and laughter to the day by setting up some tools for taking photos on the day. Set up an area as a photo booth and get a family member or friend to be the photographer.  Decorate with a background, balloons, graphics, and props. Fun props are a must-have and can add a real element of fun to your special day – try oversized glasses, hats and wigs.

Create Memories: Buy pads of paper and have colourful pens/markers set up on the table for guests to write personal messages. Decorate a cardboard shoebox and get guests to put their messages in the box. After the party is over, bind all these messages together and make memory book.


Food For Thought

A great way to save money on catering is to get everyone to bring a plate of something, potluck style. Have a few great classics on hand such as potato salad, roast chicken and sausages, then let the dishes that people bring along serve as complimentary. Party staple cheap eats include potato chips, spring rolls, cheese and jatz, pretzels, fresh fruit, party mix lollies and salted nuts.

Forget dishing out hundreds of dollars on a graduation cake. Make your own cake! For those of you that are not natural bakers then whip up a cupcake cake – they look great and are super easy to bake.  You could even package each cupcake in an adorable little box tied with a ribbon. It makes for a great take home party favor.


What's a party without music? Yes you could fork out money for a DJ or a jukebox, however why not take advantage of today’s technology. Make up a digital playlist on your phone or tablet and then plug it into a docking station with a few speakers.

The art of hosting a party is to make it fun and personalized. At Party Savers we are the party specialists and we can give you the tools and resources to help you create a customized and special day for all to enjoy. 


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